¬†Latest Episode: “Go Big or Go Home! (Part 1)”

Created by and Starring:

Nick Grunerud

Peter Cunningham

The World We Live In is a sketch comedy show on New Haven, CT’s local public access channel CTV (27 on Comcast). All original sketches, songs, films, shorts, &tc. New episodes from time to time, or so.


14) “Go Big or Go Home! (Part 1)

episode 14, go big or go home

13) “War and Peace”

Episode 12: War and Peace

12) “C Words and B Words and F Words and D Words”

Episode 12: C Words and B Words and F Words and D Words

11) “Fired Again”

Episode 11: Fired Again

10) “Secrets”

Episode 10: Secrets

9) “The Debate”

Episode 9: The Debate

8) “Big Ideas”

Episode 8: Big Ideas

7) “Sex Tape”

Episode 7: Sex Tape

6) “Badonkadonk”

Episode 6: Badonkadonk

5) “Fannypack”

Episode 5: Fannypack

4) “Togetherness”

Episode 4: Togetherness

3) “Rage”

Episode 3: Rage

2) “Anniversary”

Episode Two: Anniversary

1) “The Mood for Food”¬†

Episode One: The Mood for Food