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Using Social Media to Share Dubious Scientific Studies Linking Common Preferences and Behaviors to Intelligence Linked to Intelligence, Says Science

Awesome! In recent years a slew of studies have come out to all but totally do away with the old stereotype of the egghead genius, alien and lame to the rest of us. Intelligent people are actually just like you (yes, YOU, you genius, you), according recent science which links everything from swearing and messiness to […]

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What I Imagined This NBC News Story Must Be Like for the Brief Moment I Misread Its Headline as Having Called Michelle Obama “The Nation’s First Black Lady”

(From NBC News) As her time in the White House draws to a close, historians note that Michelle Obama leaves behind an unprecedented legacy, not just as the First Lady of the United States, a champion of her husband’s policies, and a champion for a healthier nation, but also as the first black lady in America. Before we saw […]

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Four things I really need to do

It’s Nick Grunerud here! One: “Making” sure I get my eyes the way I want them to (For example by not going through the 1994 crime bill that Bill Clinton wanted to put inside my A$$) Two: Being as good as “Them”… (Okay NOW you know what the f___ I am fucking saying) Three: From […]

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Nick Grunerud- Philosophy I

hey it’s Nick “fruitcake” Grunerud! Been reading a lot lately! It’s really good for you… ***嘥∑奅 …I need to tell you guys about my new Philosophy Be good at trying to be- Praise “God” when he tries to fuck up the balance of general nature and perpetual being, but try to shoot his gay little […]

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My name is Nick Grunerud and ….Election?

  I was going to write something about the thing that happened yesterday, but it sounded like poop…   My solution to a system that basically doesn’t represent ANYONE in a real substantial way, is to:   -Go off Facebook for a year or two in March -Start actually making other baked goods instead of […]

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October Is National Squirrel Awareness Month for Some Fucking Reason

A photo of a squirrel that says Pay Attention to Squirrels.

October is upon us! For most the month means one thing, and that’s motherfucking Halloween. But it’s not just for ghouls and goblins. October is also, apparently, the month during which all are invited to pay special attention to something we all see regularly, but never much consider: Squirrels. Yeah, squirrels. According to, it’s […]

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More Labor Day Tweets about Honoring the Troops

labor day tweets about honoring the troops

View the first in this series. Shout out to are troops that make this Labor Day possible — Pud (@okguyadam) September 5, 2016 How are you celebrating the troops on this Labor Day? — InternetContrarian (@bogcommenter) September 5, 2016 Special “Thank You” to our Troops this Labor Day morning! God Bless You!#MilitaryMonday #SupportOurTroops — […]

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