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June, 2015

Cartoon Monsoon Featured in SplitSider!

Joe Rumrill and Mary Houlihan, both friends of The World We Live In, have a cartoon comedy show in New York called “Cartoon Monsoon.” It was just featured in a blog! A comedy blog! Check out the story here! Then if you get a chance, go see Cartoon Monsoon. I hope to myself one day.

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The Rolling Hills of Amherst: excerpt ONE

    THE ROLLING HILLS OF AMHERST Chapter one: Sky’s the Limit ***   I never wanted to be involved with history: minute details getting sifted through decades of stratified depression, lives being twisted and turned to placate the men and women who provide and disseminate power… History was for the victors…. History was for […]

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The Deflategate Appeal, and What You Need to Know

cooking is more important than deflategate

ABC News reports that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is appealing his four game suspension from the “deflategate” scandal. Now, here’s what you should know. 1) How to balance a checkbook.  Just because we’re in the era of online banking doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to manage your finances the old fashioned way. […]

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