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July, 2015

How Do I Get a Public Access TV Show? What’s Allowed?

What can you do on public access television?

Interested in getting a public access TV show? Good for you! If you’re wonder what the next step is, you’ve come to the right place. How do you get a public access TV show? That’s going to depend on where you are and your local station, but there are some general guidelines¬†that are common to […]

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New shows, New Beginnings, and an old way of looking around…

Nick here with some stuff… ADDED TO CALENDAR: July 26th at THE TICK HIVE, West Haven CT.¬† I have found my passion as well… BEER. I crave intellectual discourse and pleasure points that are quite receptive towards hopps and Barley… Joking…Teetotaler for life y’all!   Anyway, this beat haunts my dreams… Think Throbbing Gristle if […]

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Who is ready to party

Well, this is the version of MY KIND OF PARTY… AnyHOO, We have a great gig coming up on JULY 23rd with four really funny folks from NYC, and I hope you ALL can make it…

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Nikki G over here on the website… Update: if you missed episode twelve, here it is… It’s one of my favorite’s so far…     ALSO, a TAME, respectable A FUNNY ONE is happening in two weeks!! ARGHHH!!!!! Today was an interesting day… Two servings of ice cream! Also, this could happen to anyone, […]

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