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Using Social Media to Share Dubious Scientific Studies Linking Common Preferences and Behaviors to Intelligence Linked to Intelligence, Says Science

Awesome! In recent years a slew of studies have come out to all but totally do away with the old stereotype of the egghead genius, alien and lame to the rest of us. Intelligent people are actually just like you (yes, YOU, you genius, you), according recent science which links everything from swearing and messiness to […]

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More Labor Day Tweets about Honoring the Troops

labor day tweets about honoring the troops

View the first in this series. Shout out to are troops that make this Labor Day possible — Pud (@okguyadam) September 5, 2016 How are you celebrating the troops on this Labor Day? — InternetContrarian (@bogcommenter) September 5, 2016 Special “Thank You” to our Troops this Labor Day morning! God Bless You!#MilitaryMonday #SupportOurTroops — […]

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The Online Orca Penis Database: It’s a Thing

If you’ve ever found yourself saying aloud, “where can I find a picture of a killer whale’s penis on the Internet?” you never have to worry about the answer again. Behold:, “The LARGEST And ONLY Official Orca Penis Database!” (Warning: Link contains a graphic photo of an orca’s penis!)  So far it’s just one […]

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QUIZ: Which Presidential Scandal Best Describes Your Shortcomings as a Significant Other?

Presidents Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, and Nixon

Are you jealous? A cheat? Too immature? Teapot Dome Scandal? Watergate? Iran-Contra? Monica Lewinsky? No one’s perfect: not you and not the President. Find out which Presidential scandal best describes your amorous fallibilities with this fun, convenient quiz! Hopefully, you’ll get not only some insight into your own weak spots as a friend and lover, […]

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QUIZ: Who is Your Perfect Mate?

A silhouette of a man proposing to a woman against the sunset

Find your perfect mate with our patented quiz! Just answer the questions above and the quiz will sort through every single one of the several billion humans currently living on earth to find your perfect lover. Then it’s just a matter of finding them and living happily ever after. (Hopefully it’s the cutie next door!) […]

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