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Oscars Predictions 2015: Who Will Take Home the Gold?

  Tonight’s the night! Every year Hollywood’s best and brightest come together to celebrate the finest works of cinema art since the last time they all came together! Directors, producers, actors, composers, writers, foley artists and more, all the best in their fields and all under one roof. Of course, as much is it is […]

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Horndog St. Claire – Cutco Knife Demonstration

  If you’re looking for the perfect example of a Cutco knife sales demonstration look no further than this video! None other than Mr. Horndog St. Claire, former Rat Pack member and entertainer extraordinaire, gives a top-notch show and makes irresistible Cutco’s peerless kitchen knives! And the surprising thing? He doesn’t even have a genuine […]

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EXCLUSIVE NEWS: Pepe’s Restaurant to Stop Making Pizza, “Focus on Stromboli,” Says Pepe

  NEW HAVEN – “Alexander wept. I refuse to.” So begins a cryptic press statement¬†released by the reclusive pizza magnate Frank Pepe early Thursday morning. The statement, delivered pre-dawn by private courier to a number of local media outlets, continues, “I’ve spent my life with pizza as my dominion. I will not close my eyes […]

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