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Four things I really need to do

It’s Nick Grunerud here! One: “Making” sure I get my eyes the way I want them to (For example by not going through the 1994 crime bill that Bill Clinton wanted to put inside my A$$) Two: Being as good as “Them”… (Okay NOW you know what the f___ I am fucking saying) Three: From […]

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Nick Grunerud- Philosophy I

hey it’s Nick “fruitcake” Grunerud! Been reading a lot lately! It’s really good for you… ***嘥∑奅 …I need to tell you guys about my new Philosophy Be good at trying to be- Praise “God” when he tries to fuck up the balance of general nature and perpetual being, but try to shoot his gay little […]

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My name is Nick Grunerud and ….Election?

  I was going to write something about the thing that happened yesterday, but it sounded like poop…   My solution to a system that basically doesn’t represent ANYONE in a real substantial way, is to:   -Go off Facebook for a year or two in March -Start actually making other baked goods instead of […]

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October Is National Squirrel Awareness Month for Some Fucking Reason

A photo of a squirrel that says Pay Attention to Squirrels.

October is upon us! For most the month means one thing, and that’s motherfucking Halloween. But it’s not just for ghouls and goblins. October is also, apparently, the month during which all are invited to pay special attention to something we all see regularly, but never much consider: Squirrels. Yeah, squirrels. According to, it’s […]

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New shows, New Beginnings, and an old way of looking around…

Nick here with some stuff… ADDED TO CALENDAR: July 26th at THE TICK HIVE, West Haven CT. I have found my passion as well… BEER. I crave intellectual discourse and pleasure points that are quite receptive towards hopps and Barley… Joking…Teetotaler for life y’all!   Anyway, this beat haunts my dreams… Think Throbbing Gristle if […]

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Who is ready to party

Well, this is the version of MY KIND OF PARTY… AnyHOO, We have a great gig coming up on JULY 23rd with four really funny folks from NYC, and I hope you ALL can make it…

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Nikki G over here on the website… Update: if you missed episode twelve, here it is… It’s one of my favorite’s so far…     ALSO, a TAME, respectable A FUNNY ONE is happening in two weeks!! ARGHHH!!!!! Today was an interesting day… Two servings of ice cream! Also, this could happen to anyone, […]

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The Rolling Hills of Amherst: excerpt ONE

    THE ROLLING HILLS OF AMHERST Chapter one: Sky’s the Limit ***   I never wanted to be involved with history: minute details getting sifted through decades of stratified depression, lives being twisted and turned to placate the men and women who provide and disseminate power… History was for the victors…. History was for […]

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