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Forget Twitter. Trump’s Latest Distraction Is a Big Truck Horn.

It’s long been speculated that Donald Trump’s Twitter account is less a window into the simpering mind of a buffoon who’s managed to fail up his entire life, than one into that of a devious political maestro masterfully playing the media to the tune of this sinister fiddle.


The Guardian: Out of control? Or is Trump’s tweeting designed to distract?

QZ: New analysis proves Trump’s tweets attacking companies are mostly just distractions

Palmer Report: Donald Trump’s wiretap tweets may have been distraction from Preibus-Bannon plane incident

The list goes on.

Of course, these analyses are 100% correct. Trump is clearly a monstrous savant.

But what can he do now that the media and voting public is wise to his social media hoodwink? Bad news. It’s more brilliant in its simplicity–and more distracting–than we could have ever imagined.

Now Trump is blaring the horn of a big truck.

According to an article in Scientific American:

noise-induced stress may decrease dopamine availability in the prefrontal cortex, where the hormone controls the flow of information from other parts of the body. Stress resulting from background noise, then, may decrease higher brain function, impairing learning and memory.

Just the thing to fight back against The Resistance.

Image Credit: Sam Butler via Flickr, Creative Commons

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