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Hello, and welcome to the new Site!


We are expanding, extruding, eruding, expelling and dispanding everything about this site, the show and everything!


One of the things that we are doing is asking people to come into the studio and help out…


We are filming a show next Thursday, which is the 9th of October…


If anyone in NEW HAVEN county wants to help out or be a part of the crew, let me know…


ALSO, we are going to change some things for season three…DOUBLE DIGITS baby!  (Season one was 1-4 season two was 5-9, watch season two as it is good)


Please, for the love of God and Allah, and Jesus and all of them, eat as much fruits as possible… You will notice your digestion will improve innumerably, your calories will start to shred, and hey, you might even begin  to feel a slight boost in general intelligence and brain activity!

Two posts in one… Makes everything that much better.

-Nick… … ….. ….



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