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What I Imagined This NBC News Story Must Be Like for the Brief Moment I Misread Its Headline as Having Called Michelle Obama “The Nation’s First Black Lady”

(From NBC News)

As her time in the White House draws to a close, historians note that Michelle Obama leaves behind an unprecedented legacy, not just as the First Lady of the United States, a champion of her husband’s policies, and a champion for a healthier nation, but also as the first black lady in America.

Before we saw Michelle Obama, we had no idea that black women existed, much less could exist.

Presumably, they didn’t.

NBC archivists and researchers have worked tirelessly for the length of the Obamas’ White House tenure to find some evidence of the prior existence of any black women whatsoever, but have been unable to do so. Michelle Obama seems to be the very first.

Here’s to Michelle Obama, an inspiration, and literally the first black lady.


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