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Someone who shall be remained nameless was really telling me the other day about my lists (List) where I meticulously dissect my favorite quotes and talk about how humorous/interesting they are!

Anyway, here is another fairly gay list of some of my favorite things!

1. 56-Age Wise

Now…this is a weird number… It is overtly early sixties, but it tells people that you CAN get something done if you want to…

I think this is also such an important number because of it’s proximity to an older and more refined age. Older people speak with such refined clarity that it’s hard to discern whether they actually exist in the generation that they did!

2. 37-As a number

It’s sometimes difficult to sift through numbers… 37 though seems like it has that strong backbone that numbers don’t typically have. A number like 25 is quite balanced, but it’s not as fun to say as 37.

Something like 37 also, to be blunt, flouts convention.

There are numbers of all different visual and visceral hues and colors, but one need to remember that Numbers really do matter, even if various parts of your mental and physical strata were bereft of general thinking.

*Congenital problems can be helped by numbers…

**Call numbers in order to figure them out

***This is the World we Live In!!!

(*Additional writing **Additional Help ***This is the World We Live In)

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