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My name is Nick Grunerud and ….Election?


I was going to write something about the thing that happened yesterday, but it sounded like poop…
My solution to a system that basically doesn’t represent ANYONE in a real substantial way, is to:
-Go off Facebook for a year or two in March
-Start actually making other baked goods instead of muffins
-Do a 24 hour show in April, and finally get in the fucking AV CLUB which is my lifelong dream, just kidding
(The 24 hour show is happening though..)
What is my real answer? I have them, which involve a bigger push towards empathy, context, and discourse… •¨ˆ¨¨¶¥¥˙˚˚
Those are “Characters”
Shame is a stupid notion, and blame is meaningless as well…
“And that not being understood as an instrument, that most very very very obvious instrument of making music, and it shouldn’t even be talked of as anything more than just how someone plays a guitar as an instrument. I find that funny, because that door — that won’t ever change, and it’s like some very clear differences in politics of people you’d find that think that.” -Dean Blunt, April Fools Day, 2016 on NPR
That’s about as serious as I can be…
P.S. …Have a good Night! (NicK)

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