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By Pete

EXCLUSIVE NEWS: Pepe’s Restaurant to Stop Making Pizza, “Focus on Stromboli,” Says Pepe

  NEW HAVEN – “Alexander wept. I refuse to.” So begins a cryptic press statement released by the reclusive pizza magnate Frank Pepe early Thursday morning. The statement, delivered pre-dawn by private courier to a number of local media outlets, continues, “I’ve spent my life with pizza as my dominion. I will not close my eyes […]

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What Should We Call Our New University?


Very good, gentlemen. Now that we’ve devised the ideal layout for the northeastern quad, I think it’s time we move on to a more pressing matter. Namely, what are we going to call this new university? Now, now, let’s not start barking the first thing that pops into our heads, this is a big decision. […]

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“Downtown Bart’s Pirate Radio Station” – Full Script

“Bart The Downtown Voice of Reason’s Pirate Radio Station” Scene opens in a dingy basement or other shit room, cramped and covered in papers, books, records, zines, and radio equipment. In the center is Bart, a scummy punk all the kids call “The Downtown Voice of Reason.” Bart is psyching himself up, making motions at an obsolete radio microphone in front of him. […]

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