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The Deflategate Appeal, and What You Need to Know

cooking is more important than deflategate

ABC News reports that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is appealing his four game suspension from the “deflategate” scandal.

Now, here’s what you should know.

1) How to balance a checkbook. 

Just because we’re in the era of online banking doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to manage your finances the old fashioned way. Keep a detailed record of your income and outgoing expenses. You’ll be better informed about your budget, and better off for it.

2) How to change a flat tire.

Flat tires can happen anywhere, any time. You might not always have access you should know how to change a flat tireto a phone, or speedy rescue. Learn how to change a flat on whatever car you’re driving: where to put the jack, how to get the lug nuts off, and how to get them back on safely. Not to know this is irresponsible.


3) How to know when it’s time to quit.

Whether it’s a relationship, a game, or a job, sometimes the smartest, most responsible thing to do is just call it a day (or night). Know when, and save yourself a lot of trouble in the long run.

16281-an-african-american-couple-preparing-a-healthy-meal-pv4) How to cook.

Eating out all the time isn’t just expensive, it’s unhealthy. Plus, nothing’s better than a home-cooked meal. Take the time to learn to cook at home, even if it’s just pasta or rice and beans. In time, it’ll come as naturally as anything.

5) How to do a handstand. 

They’re really neat!

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