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QUIZ: Which Presidential Scandal Best Describes Your Shortcomings as a Significant Other?

Presidents Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, and Nixon

Are you jealous? A cheat? Too immature?

Teapot Dome Scandal? Watergate? Iran-Contra? Monica Lewinsky?

No one’s perfect: not you and not the President. Find out which Presidential scandal best describes your amorous fallibilities with this fun, convenient quiz! Hopefully, you’ll get not only some insight into your own weak spots as a friend and lover, but also a history lesson to boot.

Scandals not included in this quiz:

  • Grover Cleveland’s illegitimate son
  • JFK and Marilyn Monroe
  • Bush planned 9/11
  • Zachary Taylor and “The Galphin Affair”


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  2. Who is your Perfect Mate?
  3. Which Character from The World We Live In Are You? 

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