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Using Social Media to Share Dubious Scientific Studies Linking Common Preferences and Behaviors to Intelligence Linked to Intelligence, Says Science


In recent years a slew of studies have come out to all but totally do away with the old stereotype of the egghead genius, alien and lame to the rest of us.

Intelligent people are actually just like you (yes, YOU, you genius, you), according recent science which links everything from swearing and messiness to anxiety and not being a racist to mega-smarts.

If you’ve seen yourself in any of these studies, thereby excusing any of your worst qualities as merely a side-effect of your obvious intellect, sharing them on social media to celebrate and spread the good news—well, don’t shelf that champagne just yet.

According to a new study out of the University of Edinburgh, using social media to share dubiously-headlined science articles about links between common behaviors and preferences to intelligence is also linked with intelligence. Wow!

In the study, which looked at several dozen demographically homogenous college sophomores, participants were administered an IQ test before being placed in front of a social media simulation that presented them with several types of articles, including local news, those videos where someone makes a whole recipe in fast-forward filmed from like two feet above, as well as science articles linking things to intelligence.

Among the students who instinctively tried to share the science articles, a majority were found to have scored in the top percentile on their IQ test. Wow!

Researchers later administered sodium pentanol (“truth serum”) to participants, and through various extraction techniques were also able to link the following to high IQs:

  • Drinking a lot of beer, even though you don’t like it much
  • Cheating on tests
  • Cheating on significant others
  • Being bad about money
  • Being afraid
  • Masturbating with embarrassing frequency, even with someone right in the next room
  • Eating too much fast food
  • Not doing the reading
  • Missing your family but being too ashamed to talk to anyone about it, because you’re supposed to be enjoying yourself for the first time in your life, and all your new friendships are still pretty superficial so you’re not sure if you’re comfortable enough with them to really open up yet, even though you’re pretty sure everyone else feels the same way you do
  • Premature ejaculation


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