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buck wrigley’s used water

buck wrigley's used waterhey its me buck wrigley! president and ceo of wrigley’s used water you mayhave seen my ad on the tv when i had it up on the tv there and i explained all about my used water and how it’ll be great for when the water stops running anyway the guys over at the world we live in were really nice and let me have my own page on their site too which i think is really swell so here it is! i;m buck wrigley. if you want some used water from puddles and open containers i finsd please contact me with the form! USED WATER! i put it in bottles myself and put my label on them so you know i did it i get the labels from the post office for free so its super easy and lets you know i did it. if you want the used water let me know please! i don’t have a job and also i get headaches when the sun is up and sometimes also when its dark. my used water is clean enough for my bugs to swim in so its clean enough to drink as far as i am concerned. last time i tried to vote the police showed up! bvuck wrigley my middle name is horatio after my uncle horatio wrigley but really my middle name is USED WATER because that’s what i know best – scooping up water and putting it into bottles for people and then they give mefiftycents per bottle of water for when the government turns off the taps which they will i know because my uncle horatio told me. he lived in a tent in the desert so the governemtn wouldnt beat him up. he taught me a lot about the government and also water because there isn’t much in the deser.t anyway get in touch for all your used water needs!!!!! i live in a drum and someday i hope to fill it with used water it would be my greatest dream. buy my WATER! signed buck wrigley

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