The World We Live InNew Haven's Finest Public Access Comedy

Season Three

Season Three, Episode One: “The Debate”

In which we discuss some interesting ideas, intelligently. Also: a return to the 36 Chambers and another visit from Downtown Bart!

Season Three, Episode Two: “Secrets”

Season Three, Episode Three: “Fired Again”

In which Pete and Nick get fired by and old friend (and a new enemy). Darren Nescola takes over! Web videos! An angry monologue! And MORE!

Season Three, Episode Four: “C Words and B Words and F Words and D Words”

Rap, country, Swearwolf, Clive Blowen interviews Rupert Greene, and probably More!!!!!!!

Season Three, Episode Five: “War and Peace”

It’s finally arrived! The World We Live In’sĀ astounding 13th episode! That’s GOOD LUCK!