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Season Two

If you thought Season One was great, wait until you see Season Two! It’s later!

Season Two, Episode One: “Fannypack”

The first episode of our second season. Includes a sketch introduced by a friendly cowboy, a visit from Darren Nescola, and Mr. Horndog St. Claire.

Season Two, Episode Two: “Badonkadonk”

Guest starring Michael Donahue. Includes “Badonkadonk,” a visit from Rupert Green, Miley Cyrus auditions for a play, and more.

Season Two, Episode Three: “Sex Tape”

Guest starring Michael Donahue. Nick gets embroiled in a scandal, missing the chance to reconnect with his father. We also see the Australian news, and see Horndog again.

Season Two, Episode 4: “Big Ideas”

After the Sex Tape Scandal. Includes Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Workout, a Spanish Lesson, and a press conference at the end.