The World We Live In
New Haven's Finest Public Access Comedy Show

Welcome to the new World We Live In website! The old one was deleted by accident because Pete is a fucking idiot who sucks. Just garbage.

Anyway, we're working on getting things back up and running. Thanks for your patience.

Watch Episodes of The World We Live In

Episode One: "The Mood for Food"

Episode Two: "Anniversary"

Episode Three: "Rage"
Note: Probably the worst espisode.

Episode Four: "Togetherness"

Episode Five: "Fannypack"

Episode Six: "Badonkadonk"

Espisode Seven: "Sex Tape"

Episode Eight: "Big Ideas"

Episode Nine: "Debate"

Episode Ten: "Secrets"

Episode Eleven: "Fired Again"

Episode Twelve: "C Words and B Words and F Words and D Words"

Episode Thirteen: "War and Peace"

Episode Fourteen: "Go Big or Go Home (Part One)"

More Information about The World We Live In

The World We Live In is a comedy show from New Haven, Connecticut. It’s on Citizen Television, Comcast’s local public access station in the New Haven/Hamden/West Haven area. It airs at night because there’s lots of swearing and shit. The whole thing was Nick Grunerud’s idea, and he asked Peter Cunningham to do it with him for some reason, and now they do it together.

It’s a sketch comedy show. There’s a mixture of stuff that’s filmed in the studio, and also stuff that’s filmed in the field. It’s all edited together. There are characters, and Nick sings lots of funny songs, and also there are sketches and monologues and stuff. It’s often surreal, and more infrequently quite funny.

So that’s the long and short of it. You’re already on the site. If you’re curious, just watch the fucking thing. Skip the first four or so episodes, though, honestly. We were still, to use a tired cliche, “finding our voice.” I think “Fannypack” is where it really picks up. Not that the earlier episodes don’t have their moments, don’t get me wrong. I’m just trying to be honest here.

To reiterate: The World We Live In is a sketch comedy show on public access in New Haven, Connecticut, and also a live show and a blog.